Latest from the Southern Kitchen:

Beef Potpie – 5 minutes of prep time!

This recipe is so easy! You can use ingredients that are already prepared, or you can make them from scratch. This is a great meal for the whole family and tastes just like the Beef Potpie you grew up enjoying!



Real Life:

Do you and your partner share differing views on nutrition, health and diet?

Money, Children, Religion, Sex and Goals are all important factors partners should agree upon, prior to entering into a long-term relationship or a marriage. What about views on nutrition, health, and the food eaten everyday? Are differing views and ideas on a topic that is sure to arise everyday a deal breaker? For some vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters, sharing the same or very similar ideas on the chosen diet is crucial, while others are able to work around the issue.

Click here to read my personal story on how I make it work for my life everyday!


Health & Fitness:

Can a world-class athlete get enough protein from a vegetarian or vegan diet to compete? 

Carl Lewis has been named “Sportsman of the Century” and “Olympian of the Century” by Sports Illustrated Magazine and The International Olympic Committee. Throughout his career, Lewis won 10 Olympic Medals, 9 of which were Gold, and 10 World Championship Medals, of which 8 were Gold. At the height of his athletic career, Lewis made the switch to a Vegan Diet and has been an advocate for a plant-based diet to athletes around the world. Click here to read his story.